This app is designed for Mormons and ExMormons. The app currently has three primary areas.

1. Quotes, religious/atheist style quotes from the worlds top minds over the ages. Quotes come from our founding fathers, Galileo, Albert Einstein, Richard Dawkins and more.

2. Mormon Truths Area, this area has a lot of TRUE information about the LDS/Mormon religion. The information goes back to Joseph Smiths days and brings to light a lot of how the religion started and where it has gone since then.

3. ExMormon Reddit, This is a website that supports and helps new exmormons and existing exmormons through the trial of leaving the church and dealing with upset families, upset friends or you can just goto talk. It's a really great site (free membership needed through to post)

This app will have lots of updates as I will continually be adding more information, more quotes and a tab for IRC chat in the exmormon chat room.

If you have any suggestions or critiques, please let me know. I want this app to be great for everyone

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Updated October 14, 2010
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