SPANISH VERSION of Flash CardZ! Alphabet is here. Now you can learn your Spanish A, B, C's the easy way. With pictures and sound! We are working very hard to get these fun, simple and educational apps out. Adults and kids can learn the basics of a second language and the alphabet is a great way to start. For Spanish speaking parents this is a great way for your children to learn the alfabeto.

BustedAppZ! is working hard to complete an entire suite of apps for all types of learning. You can currently download Flash CardZ! Alphabet, Numbers and Math. Also look for BurpZ! THE MOST DISGUSTING APP EVER and PasswordZ! an easy way to store all your login information for your favorite websites.

See what others are saying about Flash CardZ! apps Series:
"My kids love this, they giggle at it but they're learning so that's fine"

"I never knew the Spanish alphabet was so similar to English" "Nice, so simple"

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More Information

Changed "G" to Gato and "R" to Raton. Added rr, ll. Made a couple of performance enhancements.
Updated April 20, 2010
License Free Package
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