FlashLite is an application that uses the iPhone's 4 LED light to turn your device into a powerful flashlight. The app has a nice, elegant and clean interface that allows you among other things to exit the app very fast by just a tap instead of pressing the home button. A in-app mail feature was built in case you want to send an email without having to exit the flashlight, pretty convenient if you are lost in the forest and want to mail someone ;)

The big button turns the light off immediately and exits the application (faster and easier than the home button)

The mail button lets you send mails without having to exit the app.
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FlashLite can now send in-app sms! Send as many sms as you want (as long as you have credit :) ) within the app. FlashLite will also prevent the phone to enter into sleep mode so you don't have to worry anymore that your light will turn off automatically after some time.

If you are bored in the dark try to make some cool hand shadows! FlashLite will show you how ;)

If you are lazy to even tap the nice "Off" Button, try shaking your device, this will also close it!

Finally I have improved the interface, hope you like it.

If you have some suggestions or queries please contact the developer to develappment11@gmail.com or visit the blog develappment.blogspot.com

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More Information

    v 1.1
  • Mail in-app error ""does not appear to be a valid email address" has been fixed.
  • App prevents now sleep mode (The light won't turn off even if the phone is set to enter to sleep mode after some time, unless the app is closed )
  • Three new features: In-app SMS application(sms without having to exit the app), hand shadows (shows you how to make shadow shapes with your hands), Shake to turn off! (The app will exit when the iPhone is shaken)
  • Interface has been improved
Updated February 3, 2011
License Free Package
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