This is not an upgrade to the Backlight Dimmer SBSettings Toggle. This is a new tweak all together running under Flipswitch's API

Allows you to quickly dim your device backlight down to 30% or restore it to 80% without having to use any slider.

If you turn this toggle on (either via SBProfiles as part of one of your profile or via Activator), it will boost the backlight brightness up to 80%. If you turn it off, it will reduce it down to 30%.

This package requires Flipswitch to be installed before it can be used. It will not add any new icons to Springboard.

It is fully compatible with CCToggles and SBProfiles (iOS 7 & above only).

Donate to be able to customise the On/Off brightness levels.


Fixed donation registration bug
Updated February 5, 2014
License Free Package
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