Note: This tweak is no longer available for purchase from the BigBoss repository. If you wish to purchase this tweak, please do so via the Havoc repository.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that this tweak will only work when the Netflix language is set to English. To learn how to change your Netflix profile's language, click here

This tweak was featured in Snazzy Labs' YouTube video, "How to Jailbreak iOS 13.5 and Best Tweaks for 2020!" Skip to 16:35 in the video to see the tweak in action. Otherwise, continue reading below for a detailed explanation of FlixRatings.

What does this tweak do?

FlixRatings is a tweak for Netflix that adds an enhanced rating offered from a very popular critic review website. When available, this additional rating is seamlessly shown underneath the title of the summary page for any given movie or TV show. By tapping on the rating, Safari will open and navigate to the originating critic review website which has more information about the rating.

How It Works

When a rating for a title is available, it is shown with a percentage, meter, and an accompanying emoji. By default, both a critic rating and an audience rating are shown, but either rating can be enabled or disabled from within the FlixRatings settings inside the Netflix application. These settings also allow you to ability to configure the ability to show or hide the percentage or meter.

If an enhanced rating cannot be found or there was some sort of error, a message will be displayed in place of the rating. If this issue continues to occur, please reach out for further support.

Critic Ratings
· Fresh (Tomato Emoji): at least 60% of the critic reviews are positive.
· Rotten (Poop Emoji): less than 60% of the critic reviews are positive.
· Certified Fresh (Shooting Star Emoji): this can only be shown for films/movies that meet the following criteria:
1. Maintained a steady score of 75% or higher
2. At least 5 reviews from top critics
3. More than 80 total reviews (for wide-release films)
4. More than 40 total reviews (for limited-release films)

When no critic rating is available, which could be because the title hasn't released yet or there are not enough ratings to generate a score, a black-and-white tomato emoji is shown.

Audience Ratings
· Fresh (Smile Emoji): at least 60% of the user reviews have a star rating of 3.5 (out of 5) or higher.
· Rotten (Puke Emoji): less than 60% of the user reviews have a star rating of 3.5.

When no audience rating is available, which could be because the title hasn't released yet or there are not enough ratings to generate a score, a black-and-white smile emoji is shown.


This tweak is compatible with versions of the Netflix app that support iOS 8 to iOS 16. Below is a list of the tested versions of the app along with the respective iOS firmware. Please be aware that for versions of iOS no longer officially supported by Netflix (i.e. iOS 14 and earlier), the latest version of the app that is compatible was used for testing. Earlier versions may or may not be compatible, so it is recommended to use the version listed below if you wish to use this tweak.

· iOS 15/16: Latest (15.x, last tested with 15.33.0)
· iOS 14: 14.54.0
· iOS 13: 13.38.0
· iOS 12: 12.51.3
· iOS 11: 11.49.0
· iOS 10: 11.3.0
· iOS 9: 9.60.0
· iOS 8: 9.3.0

Hint: Netflix 11.x has an issue that only allows the first user profile to be selected when using the app. To get around this limitation on older versions of iOS, it is recommended you downgrade to Netflix 10.x or earlier.

Disclaimer: this tweak was designed to work with Netflix versions listed above. I will do my best to promptly test and update the tweak to support changes that Netflix makes in future updates of the tweak. However, if Netflix decides to completely redesign their application, I cannot guarantee that the tweak will be updated. If you run into any issues when using this tweak or have a question about device compatibility, please feel free to reach out.

Emoji artwork was supplied by EmojiOne.

The "movie ticket" icon was created by Three Six Five and is available from the Noun Project.

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- Adds compatibility with Netflix 16.16.0 and higher
- Fixes some rare instances where an incorrect rating might be shown for certain titles
Updated February 8, 2024
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