"Gay Detector" Pro is a novelty app, not serious, just to have a good laugh; it has to be clear at the very start. The App allegedly can detect whether a person is: Gay- Bi- Straight- Undefined- Asexual- Super Macho- Ultra Woman- Screaming Queen. There are 8 options with a probability attached to it. This is very important to point: Each outcome has a probability attached to it; it means that there is always a possibility of an error, or that the statement is not true. Again, it's just fun to play with.

To use the app:
Initiate the app, press start, select the outcome, the next (if you want to change the outcome press back, selection must only be made on the screen 2, the one with green background). Ask the testee to speak for 10 seconds, result will come out after that.

The person tested will speak for 10 seconds. The App will supposedly measure your voice to detect your sexual orientation.

At the end 10 second recording, the app will send data (voice) for analysis.

Examples of the outcome:
There is a 90% probability that you are Straight.
There is an 85% probability that you are Bisexual.
There is 99% probability that you are a Super Macho.
There is an 88% probability that you are Gay

Does Gay Detector Pro work? Probably not, but it would a great fun to use

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v 1.3 - have taken some user feedback to improve app performance
Updated March 9, 2011
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