Compatible with iOS 9

AIO Tweak with various options to toggle so you can setup the device to your liking. Change Dock Background Color! Enable/Disable options like: Hide Statusbar On Lockscreen, Disable Control Center or Notification Center, Disable Spotlight, Edit Carrier Name, SlideToUnlock Text, Hide Icons From Statusbar, Lockscreen Blur, Hide Phone Tabs, Circle Shortcut Icons, Wifi to LTE icon, and many more!!!

Configure options from Settings.

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*Control Center
-Hide Circle Button Background

-Removed 'Hide battery' (phone suddenly dies)

-Hide Card Icon & Name

-Hide Icon Titles
-Disable Parallax Effect

-Hide Notification Center Grabber
-Hide Camera Grabber

*Notification Center
-Always Clear Button

Updated November 29, 2015
License Free Package
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