Music player with VK support.

Main feature is playlist, where you can drop music with a simple gesture. It really feels that easy: you can quickly made a playlist you need right now out of hundreds of tracks you have. All the tracks in this playlist will be nicely separated by albums or folders.

You can upload music from your PC/Mac straight into the player app. All your highly structured music collection… or just a jumble of tracks.
Upload entire “E:music” folder and it will appear as is in the application (look below for instructions).

If you used to sync with iTunes, it is supported as well.

VK support:
My audio, news, groups, friends, suggestions, music status and everything.

The rest:
- Real waveform instead of boring position slider.
- Album covers for all, even the most underrated albums.
- Songs lyrics.
- Artist details, top tracks and top albums.
- scrobbling.
- Support for FLAC, radio and many more audio formats.


Fixed VK support.
Updated October 12, 2019
License Free Package
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