Supports iOS 12.0 to 13.6

New release!

Glow is finally here!

Let your lockscreen glow!

Take full advantage of your lock screen while its off!

When you iPhone locks, Glow takes action!

While your iPhone/iPad is locked and your screen is supposed to be off...Glow does the following:

- Displays Glow Effect when notifications come in.
- Displays cool effects when you connect your phone to a charger, with different effect for wired and wireless charging.
- Displays time and date
- Displays battery capacity
- Displays battery charge information such as voltage, wattage, amperage and temperature.
- Displays charging indicator when your phone is connected to power.
- Displays mini icons with the received notifications
- The Glow effect changes color depending on the notification image
- Monitors and updates battery changes in load, amperage, temperature etc
- Makes your locked phone still a useful tool
- Maintains battery by disabling Glow after a specified idle time and allowing screen to turn off. (e.g. during the night). You can still simply lock again to re-activate it.
- Turns heads with the glowing notification effects and the unique, fully customizable design.
-Customizable colors, fonts, glyph sizes, time delays, effect frequency, dismiss timeouts in a uniquely designed settings page.
- Adjustable opacity levels for everything to brighten your black screen or limit battery usage at its best!
- All customizations are groupped into Widgets from where you can create complications/presets

- Have fun customizing by setting your own colors, enabling/disabling date, time, battery, charging information widgets, glow effect frequency and many more.

- Use existing presets or create your own "complications" and save them.

- More Widgets to come in future updates, such as Weather, Heart Rate and many more.

- Adjust the always-on dismiss timeout to your own preference.

Compatible with all iPhones supporting iOS 12/13 and above, OLED or LCD.

The tweak that so many people have been waiting for is finally here!

Glow's price is $2.79

Check the screenshots below and enjoy!


- Added Pocket Detection to disable glow when inside pocket
- Added compatibility with Axon, Grupi and other related tweaks.
- Added Quick Look option for notifications.
- Added icon borders for better visibility when using dark themes.
- Added more time options for dismissal timeout.
- Added more options for Glow frequency.

- Fixed Do Not Disturb and other system icons not being presented correctly.
- Fixed iPhone Xr glow effect issues.
- Fixed effect not glowing on iPhone Xr and others.

- Fixed proximity sensor staying lit while Glow was visible.
- Fixed iPhone X/XS/Pro Max glow effect not reaching at the bottom.
Updated June 23, 2020
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 2.79
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