Compatible with iOS 4 and 5

###### More cool themes now supported! ######
###### iOS 5 is now supported! ######
The all time #1 messaging app, GO SMS, on Android platform is now available to iOS users!
It brings you cool UI, fast and convenient SMS/MMS/iMessage experience. A MUST HAVE!

1. A great replacement of messaging app with full SMS/MMS/iMessage support.
2. Message quick reply with pop-up window. You can delete, reply and call the sender instantly.
3.Privacy and passcode lock setting to hide your message in pop-up window and conversation,Hide native SMS application.
4. Great UI with well design and much better than other SMS app on cydia, eg. bitesms.You can change the UI by setting different themes. More amazing themes you can download in theme shop.
5. Convenient Emoji input.
6. Contact picture shown in Conversation List.
7. Fast and stable.

We are always listening to our users and improving our App. Please let us know what you need and we’ll see whether we can help in the future releases

1. 支持收发传统短信/彩信/iMessage
2. 新信息支持桌面弹窗显示
3. 支持更换主题,让界面不再单调
4. 支持隐私保护/密码保护,隐藏系统短信
5. 支持口袋保护,避免信息被其他操作所误删
6. 支持Emoji表情
7. 支持群发短信
8. 支持短信息按联系人、按内容搜索
9. 支持批量操作

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v1.5.0 updates(2012-12-13):
1. Add a beautiful Christmas theme;
2. Add individual signature feature;
3. Support hiding avatars in conversation list interview;
4. Fixed other bugs.

1. 新增一套精心设计的圣诞主题;
2. 增加个性签名的功能;
3. 支持隐藏会话列表头像;
4. 修复了其他bugs。

iOS 5 is supported now! (新版本支持iOS 5)
More themes suppodted (新版本推出多款主题)

Updated December 13, 2012
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