Control Home Screen Quick Actions on your device

For iOS 13 and above

What you can do with this tweak:

- Select what Home Screen Quick Actions should be visible:
- - Edit Home Screen
- - Delete App (iOS13)
- - Remove App (iOS14)
- - Share App
- - Add To Home Screen
- - Hide App (visible in iPad Dock recents/suggestions)
- - Prioritize Download (visible during downloading app)
- - Pause Download (visible during downloading app)
- - Cancel Download (visible during downloading app)
- - Hide Folder (iOS14)
- - Rename Folder
- - Remove Widget (iOS14)
- - Edit Widget (iOS14)
- - Edit Stack Widget (iOS14)
- - Widgets in Quick Actions (iOS13)
- - Copy Bundle ID (Custom Action)
- - App Specific Quick Actions

- Additional options
- - Control UI Style of Home Screen Quick Actions
- - Rename Actions (change titles and add/change subtitles)
- - Show/Hide Separators (currently doesn't affect thic separators on iOS 14)
- - Reverse Quick Actions Order

Configure options from Settings.

This tweak is open sourced on Github


fixed typos
simplified code
added important information about part of code from tweak made by
added icon to `Copy Bundle ID` action
merged "Remove App" and "Delete App" actions settings
fixed issue ( with turned off `Show Separators` option
fixed issue with widgets on iOS 13
fixed issue with thic separators on iOS 14
Updated December 30, 2020
License Free Package
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