Quickly backup and restore your tweaks from an 'online' backup

Supports iOS 13 and 14

From within its dedicated app, users can:
-Create a tweak list of
· All user tweaks (Standard -- filters out bootstrap packages)
· All packages (Unfiltered -- includes bootstrap packages)
-Restore a tweak list from
· The most recent list
· A specific list chosen from a list
-Choose to
· Export a backup
· Delete a backup

1) Restoring requires an internet/cellular connection (in order to download packages)
2) You will need the relevant repos for your packages installed in at least one package manager before attempting a restore
3) Installing paid packages is not currently supported

Please note:
1) Tweak lists are NOT touched by restore rootfs
2) IAmSpeed DOES support moving between jailbreaks with different bootstraps (e.g., Unc0ver and Taurine) via **STANDARD** lists
3) Unfiltered lists (denoted by the "u" following the list number) can ONLY be restored from on jailbreaks using the SAME bootstrap (e.g., Bingner/Elucubratus or Procursus) that the list was made on
4) IAmSpeed does NOT backup apt sources or tweak preferences (neither are touched by restore rootfs)
5) Tweak lists CAN be used on other devices
6) Packages that apt can't find will be ignored (not installed) during the restore 7) Closing/minimizing the app WILL STOP the currently running process

Open source on my github

This utility is now EOL. For all your future backup needs, please see my other utility IAmLazy


· Fixed issue causing IAmSpeed to hang indefinitely
· Minor code cleanup
Updated March 9, 2022
License Free Package
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