Requires Retina capability and iOS 5+

Low positioned anicons for iMatte v5

Anicons is a pretty nice tweak, specially considering you can easily theme it! This tweak enables you to have system icons, like battery, wifi bars, 3g bars, respring, etc... in total 10-11 icons or so. Hint: If you hide the stuff in the statusbar with Springtomize 2, like battery, wifi bars, etc.. you can make an interesting layout with anicons... also, anicons stands for animated icons, I believe, so they are animated... meaning the bars will reflect your reception, etc..

By default, all the anicons included in the base theme are aligned to the far top position of the icons. This package will install one theme per anicons, each aligned to the bottom position. So if you want to run two anicons bars, as seen in some screenshots, or if you want to run an anicons bar at the bottom only, this is what you need.

This package requires you to have the Anicons package.

You can install independently of the main theme.

Usage: Enable the icons you wish to have at the bottom, above the base theme.

See larger Screenshots below..

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5.4 update:

All images crushed with pngquant. 40-70% reduced file size, also easier on the device's ram.

Updated July 21, 2012
License Free Package
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