Requires Retina capability and iOS 5+

iMatte v5 HD - The Apotheose

WARNING: 60+ MB data if you choose to download this 'Main Theme' package. It may take a few minutes to download and install. Be warned. Will obviously not download on 3g, and you will need to turn off auto lock or be plugged. Else the wifi will drop and the download will abort.

Reach me on Twitter @myicommunity

If you choose to use and keep iMatte, you can thank me by offering me a little coffee! (so to say, a donation will do the same ;) )

iMatte v5 HD will certainly be a theme remembered for a long time. There is 5 months in the making (full-time work, I'm dedicated 100% to this). I first made a complete version, with ColorKeyboard, SBSettings, etc, was going to do all the extensions I support, then I realized it wasn't up to my expectations.

I then threw everything I had to the garbage bin, and restarted from scratch, and here is the result.

My initial distribution model, since I have no more website, was to go with Cydia and Theme It, and offer it to you for a 2.99$ fee.

But instead, I'm choosing to give it all free. I'm so confident that you will appreciate the huge amount of time and efforts that went into this that you will donate a little something, if you can. Consider this release a test. A test of morality. If I get enough support with this model, I will always offer my future work like this. I'm not hoping for donation rates of 50+%, but 5-10% would be reasonable, and anything higher all the better. I will keep on expanding iMatte as long as their is some support and demand for it.

There is no minimum amount, 3$ being suggested. But go with what you feel it's worth to you.
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You will find that iMatte have no real "default" look. The default looks are considered the screenshots I send on the internet. But if you check out the MMi thread, you will notice that everyone's screenshots are different, and there are many different styles as well.
But enough of the boring stuff, there is still quite a read ahead!

Requirements (READ CAREFULLY):
Technically, you can run iMatte v5 HD without any extra extension, that is beside Winterboard and it's dependencies.
For optimal use, I highly suggest you install the following extensions:
-(free) Wallpaper JPEGifier, this one is actually a necessity if you want to be able to easily change the wallpaper used for the springboard html layouts
-(free) WeatherIcon, this one is only needed if you want to use the Native Weather Springboard or Lockscreen theme
-(free) Bytafont, if you want to use the default font bundled with iMatte, or any other fonts
-(free) Zeppelin, if you want to change the Carrier Icon/Name to the custom iMatte logo or something else
-(free) SliderWidth, if you want a slim slider for the lockscreen (you can adjust to any size you want)
-(paid) Gridlock, if you don't want to deal with iBlanks and make nice layouts with the PerpageHTML+ widgets, this is highly recommended
-(paid) PerpageHTML+, again, this is only if you want to use the many widgets that are made to customize your springboard beyond what Winterboard can do
-(paid) ColorKeyboard, if you want to have the iOS keyboard themed, this is needed

With those tweaks installed, you will be able to get iMatte exactly as you see it in screenshots. Well, if you see screenshot with MusicBarExtended, you will need MBEx... but you get what I mean.

Note: If you want the mini slider like in the screenshots, this is achieved with the new SliderWidth(free) tweak on Cydia. If you want the dock flow effect on the Springboard Dock, you can achieve with Cascade(paid) tweak. Put together with Infinidock(paid), it makes up a pretty nice dock flow effect when scrolling to sides.

A complete list and discussion of all the elements of this theme can be found on the iMatte forum thread

Check out all the iMatte v5 themes on Cydia; including matching custom skins for popular Tweaks and App Store apps, additional Hi-Res icon sets and many nice extras.

*** TO ALL MODDERS, if you need anything that I didn't included in the package to create a mod for iMatte, let me know. I will provide you with whatever you need to do your thing. Thank you much!

And yet one more thanks to @Zooropalg, this guy may have never released a theme of his own, but he certainly contributed to the success of many themes, iMatte included. If you would ever leave buddy, you would be dearly missed by many. I'm sure if you ever release a theme, it will be a monster success!

Apply using Winterboard settings

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5.4 update:

All images crushed with pngquant. 40-70% reduced file size, also easier on the device's ram.

Minor fixes.

Updated July 21, 2012
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