Requires Retina capability and iOS 5+

WARNING: 30+ MB data if you choose to download this 'Main Theme' package. It may take a few minutes to download and install. Be warned. May not download on 3g, and you will need to turn off auto lock or be plugged. Else the wifi will drop and the download will abort.

Wallpapers for iMatte v5

This include a nice selection of wallpapers I have made and some wallpapers I found on the net.

You will find textured wallpapers, nice images, some custom wallpapers designed for springboard and lockscreen. Some wallpapers are plain, letting you do whatever you want with overlays, and some have elements designed in the wallpaper. Most of these are for use without overlays.

You can install this package independently of the main theme.

Usage: All layouts in iMatte have their background image set from Wallpapers in Settings. You need Wallpaper JPEGifier, found freely on Cydia, for this to work.

Apply from Settings app

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All images crushed with pngquant. 40-70% reduced file size, also easier on the device's ram.

The wallpapers now loads faster in Settings.

Updated July 21, 2012
License Free Package
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