*KLMaps can safe your roaming fee or GPRS fee.

*KLMaps can work as offline maps. When you have the Internet connection (ex. Wi-Fi), you can use the "preview" mode to auto preview the map area. Google maps will make a cache for you. So, when you lost Internet connection, you can still view the maps from cache.

Important! Do not use Google maps or this application with Internet connection after you have previewed. Because Google maps may clear the cache.

*This application can also help you to locate the real location in China.
For some reason, it's hard to locate the real location in China. Using this application you can autocorrect location, correct the location manually, download the correction data uploaded by other users, or upload your correction data to the server.

Auto: Autocorrect by using the data uploaded by other users.
Manual: Correct the error manually.
None: No correction.

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More Information

    v 2.08
  • Fixed the server URL.
  • Updated the Ad package

v 2.07 - Updated to support iOS 4

Updated October 20, 2010
License Free Package
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