Compatible with iOS 12

Label is a simple tweak which allows for the customisation of some labels on the SpringBoard. Currently, you can modify the 'No Older Notifications' and 'Press Home/Swipe up to unlock' labels as well as the carrier name. Supports iOS 12 (iOS 11 should work (untested) and iOS 10 might work (also untested).

This tweak is the successor to NoOlderNotificationsGone, so I recommend you install this tweak instead.

This has been a fun project, but I no longer have the time to work on it. DM me on Twitter if you want to take the project further @Archergs14. The source code is available at Github. Please do not release a tweak based on my source without notifying me first.

Known issue: The 'Press Home/Swipe up to unlock' label reverts back when a TouchID or FaceID attempt fails.

Configure options from Settings.


Updated July 24, 2019
License Free Package
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