libcolorpicker is a iOS library that provides an easy to implement Color Picker.
Here are some of it's main features:
iPhone & iPad Compatible

HSB touch color picker
Option to Use HSB or RGB sliders
Option for color transparency/opacity/alpha
No images or "extra components" just the library
Post settings changed notifications on save (Optional)
Enter a hex color or copy one to your clipboard
Made for iOS 8 and 9 & Compatible with iOS 6 - iOS 7
Saves colors instantly to your preferences plist
iPhone 3.5 inch & 4inch screen compatibility

How to add libcolorpicker into your tweak: check Github

This is a developer package only.
Files installed to /usr


- Fixed the hex button crashing.
- Fixed the hue not updating when having no saturation.
- Fixed the hue knob acting in an unpredictable way by restricting how far away touches will affect the knob.
- Fixed an ARC issue where libcolorpicker in some cases would dismiss right after invoke.
- Now compiled with both Xcode 9 and 10 to avoid arm64 from not running on iOS 8 and below.
Updated July 11, 2019
License Free Package
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