A simple to use preference library for iOS

- 3DTouch support
- easy integration with libCSColorPicer
- powerful font picker with custom font support
- theming support
- changelog controller
- fully integrated backup & restore
- zero coding required to integrate with your project
- crazy simple to use

fully supports iOS 10.x(.x), other firmware's have not been tested as of yet, though this project should support iOS 9 as well.

if you're interested in using this in your own project, check out PullToClear's source on Github. full documentation will be added soon.


- Improved synchronization between NSUserDefaults, CFPreferences, and CSPreferencesProvider
- Added A12(`arm64e`) support for subprojects, forgot to do this initially
- Added Force Touch on sliders to manually enter a value
- Added `setObject:forKey:andSave:` and `removeObjectForKey:andSave:` selectors to libCSPreferencesProvider
- Added `CSListColorsController` for displaying lists of hex colors with previews
- Fixed crash that could occur when using the respring options
- Fixed crash that could occur in libCSUtilities if a binary path doesn’t exist
- Fixed font settings for `CSPHeaderView`
- Fixed setting individual cell tint colors from the specifier `tintColor` key
- Rewrote the Backup/Restore system, you can now copy/share/import/edit/delete backup files from settings. Great for sharing presets
- Optimized slider accuracy behavior
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Updated May 18, 2019
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