A dynamic library which provides FLEX classes. This can be dlopen()'d by other tweaks which might wish to replace FLEXible or FLEXing.

FLEX (Flipboard Explorer) is a set of in-app debugging and exploration tools for iOS development. Check it out here

The version of the package corresponds to the version of FLEX it was built with.

This is the only official FLEX package; I maintain FLEX as well as these tweaks.

This is a developer library.

No icons added to the homescreen.

No Screenshots for this item.


- Heap viewer will take you straight to the instance if it is the only instance
- Add ability to view any bundle as a database and query it
- You can export this database from the file browser
- Fix crash on iPad when pressing any button that presents an action sheet
- Add a search bar to the view controllers list
- Add option to disable dynamic property/ivar previews
Other minor bug fixes
- Various performance improvements and bug fixes (cliche but true, lol)

For the full list of changes, please visit the releases page at Github
Updated April 21, 2020
License Free Package
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