Compatible with iOS 12 and 13

This tweak is LINE Tools iOS13 version !

Many extensions for LINE app.

Compatible with iOS12.1.2 to iOS13.3.1.

arm64, arm64e supported.

Configure options from Settings APP

[Main Settings]
- No Read
- No Sticker Event
- Dark Keyboard
- Bypass Theme Check
- Bypass Passcode

[Check Settings]
- Profile Call
- Profile VideoCall
- Profile Block
- Profile Add
- Private Call, VideoCall
- Group Call
- Group VideoCall
- Group Live
- Send Message

[Hide Settings]
- Chatlist Header Ad
- Timeline Story
- Timeline Ad Post
- Timeline Neta Card
- Wallet Ad

[Senior Settings]
- Show Group Information
- Search By MID
- Enable LinkInvitation
- Unsend Block
- NoRemove Unsend MyMessage

[Text Settings]
- ReadText Custom

[Custom Tab]
- Home (Old version)
- Timeline
- News
- Call
- Wallet

How to use.

Configure options from Settings.


Updated March 11, 2020
License Free Package
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