Magic 8-Ball - you must have heard about it before. In general it's the toy to help you make you mind - if you hesitate a lot, don't know what to do, call him/her or wait, or want to talk to somebody you should try this. Our Magic 8-Ball have a lot of random content to surprise you. First of all there are 9 different pictures of ball and it's background so it rarely looks the same - it's randomly chosen while lunching the game. By default you have to shake your iPhone/iPod Touch to display an advice. There are about 100 possible answers included within Magic 8-Ball, affirmative, negative, something between, and other funny responses. In option you can choose if you have to shake the device to display a message or simply touch the screen. You can also decide if you want to display a random message or: Yes/No only Percent message (how much do you like me? what are my chances in passing this test?) ... and ... ... LOVE MODE: let's say that you are on a date with your girlfriend and boyfriend. This mode shows you Yes/No answers but ... you decide when Yes and when No will be shown :). Everything is clearly and simply explained on options screen. See screenshot and for more info.
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Updated July 23, 2009
License Free Package
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