Compatible with iOS 11 to 13

What is MessagesXI?

I wrote this to initially fix an annoyance of mine within the Messages app and is my first publicly published tweak! Since then, it has some features I would like to outline:
1. If you background or close out Messages when selected on a message, you will be pushed back to your list of messages instead of staying on the previously selected one (what I originally wrote this for). You can also select to have this animated or not for better user experience.
2. The ability to read/unread messages manually! If this option is enabled, you will see a "Read" or "Unread" depending on if you actually have unread messages.

1. If enabled, snapping back to the conversation list can sometimes be buggy for unknown reasons. If anyone has any ideas on how to accomplish this in a better way, please let me know
2. Because of how Apple has implemented the backend of each message, unreading the chat will not takeaway a read receipt for the other party, if that is enabled. What MessagesXI will do is put the blue dot beside the message you decided to unread. This is the best way to mark a message and come back to it if needed. This also means you will not see a badge on Messages but can be implemented if there is enough support

Cool things
1. It would be annoying if you have to manually hit read once you send a message. I decided to read the message once a message is sent but never before that. This same concept applies to group messages except once you select on one, that message will be automatically read. I can add an option to not do this if there is enough support

Configure options from Settings.


Add ability to change the color of unread message indicators

Unreading a message will add a different unread dot to distinguish between manually unread messages and normal ones

When unreading message, add +1 to Messages badge
Updated March 23, 2020
License Free Package
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