MobType: take back the control of your mobile typing

  • The MobType keyboard uses eight large difficult-to-miss keys for typing letters and symbols.
  • You can now focus on the text you edit. No need to keep watch on key strokes and autocorrect suggestions.
  • Take control of the words you type. Freely type slangs and non-English names.
  • Type on the go.
  • Designed for both landscape and portrait mode. Can be used with one or two thumbs.
  • Use of simple gestures for space, back space, enter and capitals. No more those superfluous returns that sometimes make chatting on the iPhone a frustrating experience.

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More Information

    v 1.1b
  • visual clues for touches
  • polished the language of the manual
  • widened the eight keys a little bit
  • link to facebook page and you tube video
  • fixed the mobile substrate plugin to be injected into only UIKit applications
Updated November 12, 2010
License Free Package
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