Compatible with iOS 4.3 through 9

Featured in Lifehacker's Best Jailbreak Tweaks for both iOS 6 and iOS 7!

Unlock the Nitro Just-In-Time JavaScript engine to give your apps a speed boost.

Nitrous unlocks the faster Nitro JavaScript JIT compiler that is normally reserved only for Apple's own apps.

Nitro dramatically improves JavaScript performance in web-oriented applications like Chrome/Facebook/Twitter /AlienBlue/Dolphin/Mercury, typically making it 4x to 5x faster.

You can choose to enable Nitrous for all apps, or select which apps to boost. Turn it on and off quickly using Activator actions or FlipSwitch switches.

No new icons are added to your home screen - you can find Nitrous on the main page of the Settings app.

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- iOS 9 compatibility
Updated October 21, 2015
License Commercial Package
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