Compatible with iOS 11 and 12

Receive beautiful animations with your notifications! Purchase for $2.00 (via PayPal) through the tweaks settings page.

Specifically designed for the iPhone X but compatible with all devices. The main animation is a particle/bubble animation which fades in and floats up and around the notch on the iPhone X.

There are also a number of responsive animations (including some edge style animations) which change based on notification's icon colors.

Blackout mode will make it so that you only see the animation on the lockscreen. Tapping the screen, or pressing the home button will wake up the device from the animated state.

The loop function will loop the animation on the screen until you press home, tap the animation, or the phone goes to sleep.

Individual toggles to enable on the lock screen and home screen.
Configure options from Settings.


Fixed respring loops
Fixed safemode crashes

Fixed some apps not triggering animations
Added raise-to-wake for blackout
Updated April 1, 2019
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 2
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