Compatible with iOS 11.0 to 14.4

Block notifications and take control of your digital well-being

Push notifications are a gift and a curse, allowing you to get notified instantly of important information, but also opening a door into letting people and apps interrupt your life without your consent. The tools Apple gives us are not powerful enough to stop the spam of notifications, and required a more advanced tool set.

NotiBlock is an advanced notification blocking and filtering tweak. It lets you block notifications based many fields for simple or advanced configurations. Features include blocking based on:
- Content of the notification
- What app the notification is from
- Whitelist mode to only allow certain notifications through
- Block notifications completely or just mute them
- Schedules, to only block certain times and days of the week.

This app is also open source. View the source code on Github

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Cleaned up settings UI & text
Updated June 19, 2021
License Free Package
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