Compatible with iOS 5 and 6

Well, Apple included on iOS 5. Awesome! Or maybe not...

To make a new reminders, tons of data are included, like places, date, time... And sometimes you don't have time for typing all of that, and only want a quick reminder!

Well, with NotificationShower you get a Text Field on your Notification Center, so you can type your quick reminders there, when there's something quick you just want to remember as soon as you open Notification Center again.

When you install and enable it /might/ be just a blank widget on Notification Center. This is because no text is set. Just tap over it and you will be able to select what is typed in there.

NotificationCenter addons can be configured from the Settings app, in the Notifications panel

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- Fix height
- Fix text not being saved on iOS 6.x
- Fix bad image on iPad
- Recode some stuff
Updated February 12, 2013
License Free Package
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