Notify Pro is an event notification app, that will run in the background, and is optimized to be fast, and efficient. It currently notifies you of incoming calls, emails, sms, and push messages. Your probably wondering where it will notify you? Well Notify Pro supports various PC & Mac applications to send notifications too; they include:

Growl (PC/Mac/Linux) (PC/Mac/Web Based)
XBMC (PC/Mac/Linux)
EventGhost(PC/Allows you to script your events!)

Notify Pro is a full featured app that allows you to customize which application(s) on your computer will receive the notifications, and what type of notifications. On top of that, Notify Pro has built in support to be able to reply to SMS's, if your using and/or growl, you'll have the option to reply to an SMS right from the comfort of your PC.

There's also a SBSettings Toggle available.

Visit this forum thread for more information.

See More Info below for screenshots.

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Fix: Crash on some push notifications with 5.0+
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Updated April 2, 2012
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