About Nyx
Nyx is an app extension that aims to improve your experience on Instagram.

Easy to Use
Every features are made to be easy to use, simply switch the options on and you can start enjoying the features!

Rich in Features
Supercharge your experience on Instagram by using 40+ advanced and exclusive features, right from the app

Privacy Safe
Nyx does not collect or store your app information, all of the main features are made to work on-device or client side

- To open the menu, shake your device or longpress the home button icon

Compatible with iOS 14 or newer (rootful & rootless)

Main Repository: sezo.app


- Added a new function to rename cloud presets name
- Channel/group now marked as seen by default even when privacy option is enabled
- Fixed the crash issue with some of the post features
- Other minor improvements
Updated November 22, 2023
License Commercial Package
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