Ever wanted to manage your SABnzbd+, Sick Beard, CouchPotato, Headphones, and Newznab on the go? With nzbUnity for iOS, you can. nzbUnity allows you to view and manage: the SABnzbd+ queue, recent downloads, upcoming shows on Sick Beard, wanted movies on Couch Potato, and much more.

* Works with SABnzbd+ version 0.5x or greater, SickBeard, Couch Potato v2 (main version and CouchPotatoServer), HeadPhones, and Newznab
* Works on WiFi, EDGE, or 3G
* Works on iOS 6+ (clean look on iOS7) and iPhone 4+
* Automatically get your apikeys
* Manage your SABnzbd+ queue and history
* Pause / resume / set speed limits
* View remaining size of download and disk space
* Displays download rates in MBps
* Supports autorefresh
* Supports multiple RSS feeds for SABnzbd+ with 1-click downloading feature
* Easily identify newly downloaded files (successful or failed)
* View upcoming shows and force search on missed episodes
* Add a new show to your library (and read about it before you actually add it)
* Change the status for an entire season or a single episode
* Change the quality of a show
* View artist, movie, and tv artwork (if available)
* Easily manage your CouchPotato library
* Change the quality of a movie
* View the trailer for any movie from within the app
* Library filtering (by genre, year, actor, etc...)
* Add any movie, tv show, or artist to your library with ease
* Manage your Headphones library
* Read about the artist/band history and also get stats on your discography completion
* Visit your favorite Newznab site from within the app
* Supports 1-click downloading on Newznab
* And much more

Configure Activator from Settings.

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+(ADD) Ombi: Ombi Support.
+(ADD) Downloaders: rTorrent(ruTorrent) support.
+(ADD) Settings: Application Theme (Top nav bar matches color of app now).
-(CHANGE) Pro: Features are now available to all.
-(CHANGE) Settings: Settings has a slightly newer look for adding apps / misc menu
-(FIXED) Downloaders: Clicking on History would crash the app if a torrent client on the list (most torrent clients do not support history)
-(FIXED) Downloaders: (iOS 13) NZB uploading to the default client from Downloads folder (now part of the iCloud Drive). Depending on the resign method, import of NZB will still fail (working on resolving it fully).
-(FIXED) Sonarr: If tv show had no poster and on the 3 poster per row, nzbUnity would make the show unclickable.
-(FIXED) Downloaders: In Deluge, if the password contained special characters, the password escape would make it so that nzbUnity could not connect.
-(FIXED) Search: In certain cases, Jackett links would fail to send to the torrent download client or crash nzbUnity.
-(FIXED) Pin: If pin was enabled and FaceID was enabled on the device (those without fingerprint reader), app would crash
-(FIXED) Lidarr: Lidarr would fail to connect in some cases due to improper parsing of the init file.

Updated May 19, 2020
License Free Package
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