32-bit version of "OpenSSH Settings".

Compatible with iOS 5?, 6-9, 10?. Tested on iOS 6,8,9 (and on 10.3.4 unsuccessfully).

iOS 10 jailbreaks often use Dropbear SSH, but it should still do its job if OpenSSH can be installed (in h3lix jb the OpenSSH works untraditionally, so this tweak doesn't work as expected).

A Settings menu for

1. changing the port(s) that OpenSSH listens on

2. toggling

- OpenSSH server on/off

- whether root login is allowed

- whether password is required

- whether pubkey is required

- whether the SSH server stays off or starts up after rebooting/re-jailbreaking

- whether active sessions get disconnected when turning it off from here or the Flipswitch

- whether "OpenSsh Flipswitch" can be used while the device is locked

3. viewing the list of active sessions, and logging them off forcefully.

blanxd on Reddit


Updated January 1, 2021
License Free Package
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