This is OSLite's **iOS 7 ** Version
Support both 32bit & 64 bit CPUs

This is a easy tool which used to clean the "Application Name/tmp" & "Application Name/Library/Caches" folders. The files which inside those folders are all temporary files, so you don't need to worry about something important will be deleted by this tool. You can only see this tool in Settings, so it doesn't show on your Springboard.

How To Use?
the first button is used to clean"Application Name/tmp"
the second button is used to clean "Application Name/Library/Caches"
the third button is used to clean iTunesArtwork files( In fact, iTunesArtwork files won't be used on your device in any situation )
And the fourth button is used to clean all the files that mentioned above.

See larger Screen shots below..


It's actually a downgrade due to I mixed iOS7 and iOS8. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Updated October 27, 2014
License Free Package
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