Compatible with iOS 9 through 14

This open source tweak gives you many passcode customization options!

Passcode bypass options:
• Using an Activator action
• When connected to specific Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth devices
• Within a certain time from last lock
• While using headphones

You can also choose if you want to automatically dismiss the lockscreen, or do so only when no notifications nor media controls are present.
There is also a FlipSwitch add-on to toggle the bypass.

Be able to lend your phone without the worry of telling someone your passcode!
Compose a sequence using the following "magic passcode" options:
• Time: minutes and hours
• Date: day and month
• Battery: remaining and used
• Custom digits
• Any of these, reversed

Or even use two digits to set a timeout after which the device locks again automatically!

Extra options:
• Show the last time the device was unlocked
• Disable auto-unlock and magic passcode, and optionally Touch ID/Face ID, during a specific time interval
• Disable the tweak when disabling Touch ID/Face ID by invoking SOS mode
• Save the passcode so to not require once every respring (passcode will always be stored encrypted for security reasons)

This tweak is now open-source at Github

Configure options from Settings.


Fixed possible crash when saving passcode
Updated January 18, 2021
License Free Package
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