Compatible with iOS 11-14


PhoneCaller3: The World's Most Powerful Caller Identifier Tool For iOS

it brings the functionality of displaying live Caller ID before answering, or even while dialing, using popular caller identifier app-store applications, such as TrueCaller, GetContact, ShowCaller, NumBuster, and anarab search engine, PhoneCaller3 brings all their databases in one place, and empowering them with awesome functionalities,
with all of them combined, you get and estimate of 6,000,000,000+ Records, WORLDWIDE.
They all work together!, searching simultaneously, each engine searches according to its priority, until it finds a result and then display it right inside your incoming/outgoing calls, which can also work in offline mode, without internet connection!
PhoneCaller3 integrates with popular communication apps, such as WhatsApp, Viber, Messages App, Telegram, and it also supports CallBarXS and Scorpion tweaks !


(Activation required after trial - 4.99$)

PhoneCaller2 owners get 50% discount!

This is one-time pay tweak, does NOT require subscriptions with it or any of it's linked search engines.

It comes with a lot of new features

Stand-alone application
PhoneCaller3 now comes with a stand-alone application, where you can configure engines, search by number or name, see search history, set settings and advanced search settings, set style, etc.

Identify Unknown Callers
It grabs caller's number right away when you receive or make a call, and searches it in different connected databases, simultaneously, you get to see results while in call, or even by swiping in a missed call number to identify it right away from Phone App!

Various Search Engines
PhoneCaller3 currently supports 5+ Search Engines, which are popular caller identifier applications on the AppStore, bringing all of them in one place, they work all together, to make each search query that you make, as POWERFUL.
You can easily change and define search settings and define how all of these engines should work together, should they search simultaneously? only two together? cache results? engines priority ?.. you can easily set the proper settings for these aspects!

System-wise Integrations
PhoneCaller3 supports and integrates with various popular communication apps, that you can identify numbers just by swiping on chats, such as WhatsApp, Viber, Stocks Messages App, Telegram, CallBar tweak, Scorpion tweak, with chat applications, all you have to do is swipe in chat, and you get to see phonecaller button, from there it will grab the chat's phone number and identify it from ALL configured search engines.

Offline Mode
PhoneCaller3 automatically caches previous search results, making it easy and reliable to work again without needing to access internet, only grabbing data from history, right away!

Protect My Contacts Privacy
Because we respect your privacy, we've noticed that caller identifier applications may force you to give access to contacts list in order to function, PhoneCaller has added option to give fake contacts list to all our supported engines applications, and they will never know anything about your contacts, whether you've gave them access or not

New Styles
PhoneCaller3 comes with 5 styles, which you can customize from, starting from modern, basic, and compact, all comes with dark and light modes! Integration
PhoneCaller3 brings a smart integration from the stock phone app, you can swipe in a number such as a missed call, and find out who, or even before dialing, you get to see phonecaller button which identifies the number before starting the call!

In-Call Button
While you're in-call, you can simply access phonecaller button, which can give you detailed info for the search query done for this number, or even manually repeat search.

Search History
From PhoneCaller3 application, you get to see all your cached search history, with dates. and images, you can also add a specific search result right to your contacts!

Multi-language Support
PhoneCaller3 currently supports Arabic-English-Russian-Turkish-Greek-Italian-Brazillian-Spanish and soon will open contribution to support other languages

Open For Developers
We provide a public API for developers, from which they can build great plugins that integrates nicely with PhoneCaller, and for you as a user ? It means you'll be guaranteed with a high quality product, not only being maintained by a single developer, but by many other developers!

Lifetime Support
Any user can get to visit our channel in discord, which provides a full-time support, as well as open for receiving requests, improvements, bug reports, and so on..
Requires rocketbootstrap version 1.0.8 or higher, from rpetrich repo :


Updated July 25, 2022
License Commercial Package + Free Trial
Suggested Price $ 4.99
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