PhotoBuzz is an application to view all public web albums from Picasa and Flickr. PhotoBuzz Pro is the pro version of PhotoBuzz, without the limitation of album users that can be added.

There are a lot of public albums in Picasa and Flickr shared by your friends, photographers and other interesting guys, you can add them all to Photobuzz and you will have access to all the photos and from this single app.

Using the app's easy setup and intuitive layout, you'll be viewing and showing a slideshow of your favorite online Picasa and Flickr pics in no time.

All the albums and photos are cached on your iPhone or iPod Touch- that means you can view them even when you don't have internet access. If the cached photos take up too much space on your device, you always have an option to clear the cache.

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More Information

    v 2.7
  • optimized UI
  • add more resource
    v 2.6.4-1
  • add share to twitter, facebook, share via email, enjoy beautiful photos with your friends
  • add "fashiongirls" channel, you can view a lot of HOT girls!
    v 2.6.4
  • add more column, you dont need to add albums by yourself, there's a list that shared by others
Updated September 29, 2010
License Free Package
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