Compatible with iOS 5 and 6

Frustrated with not being able to move your photos and videos in and out of various albums in the stock Photos app? Or not being able to import your photos without special software?

Take control of your photo library with Photo Organizer! With this tweak, you can:
* Automatically import photos/videos by copying them directly to ~/Media/DCIM
* View your imported photos, organized by timestamp (customizable), via USB
* Move photos to any local album instead of copying them with the "Add to" option
* Reorder and customize photos, albums, and events

Other notable features on iPhone:
* Select/unselect all items with one tap
* Select a range of items by tapping with two fingers
* Sort photos by timestamp or file size (by tapping and holding the select/unselect button)
* Swipe across an album name to delete it

Surprised that this tweak is still free? So am I. Please donate to keep it that way!

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Fixed a minor sorting bug

* Enabled moving items by default
* Added automatic import feature

Updated April 2, 2013
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