Pink Girls consists of many high quality albums of fashion girls paid app.

Enjoy features such as:
1, Easy navigation by finger swiping
2, Easy zooming by pinch, double tap
3, Beautiful fullscreen slideshows
4, Save photos for wallpapers
5, in app feedback, you could ask us if you have any question about the app, without leaving the app.

See More Info for screenshots and list of featured pics.

More Information

    v 2.6
  • UI improvements
    v 2.3
  • Can set album as favorites.
  • add shaking control, shaking feature could be disabled.
  • optimize UI and network performance
    v 2.4
  • add notification feature, get noticed about the new feature & update
  • add share feature, send picture via email, support twitter, facebook
  • add more girls
Updated April 26, 2015
License Free Package
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