Use Clear on the fly.

Clear has never been quicker. Adding tasks and lists from anywhere on your device only takes one simple gesture, assigned directly from ProWidgets' settings. Clear for ProWidgets dynamically loads your themes and lists every activation, guaranteeing a beautiful, consistent appearance, and up-to-date options. You can also assign default lists in Clear for ProWidgets' settings, for one less tap every time.

Above all, Clear for ProWidgets tries to keep things simple. To prevent over-usage of external libraries, or risking content corruption, everything is done using Clear's own API. Adding tasks and lists quickly launches Clear (or Clear+), then switches back to the app you were using, so you don't have to skip a beat.

Requires ProWidgets, iOS 7, and Clear (or Clear+) from the App Store. Configure from ProWidgets' settings. Source available on Github.
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Updated May 6, 2014
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