QR Mode is a QR Code Scanner, which adds itself as a new Camera mode (like the panorama mode) to the stock iOS Camera App.

QR Mode recognizes all popular QR Code Types and displays their content in a beautiful way with smooth animations.

To make it as useable as possible, QR Mode has been localized into *26 Languages*, for a complete list of them see the the bottom of this page. It is designed to match the stock iOS UI in order to feel as „native“ as possible.
QR Mode reads and displays all kind of QR Codes. But *URL*, *vCard*, *SMS*, *Email*, *Phone Number* and *Location* QR Codes have their own format. QR Mode understands the format, extracts its data and displays it nicely formated.

QR Mode includes special actions for every supported QR Type, like „*add to contacts*“ for vCard QR Codes or „*Copy to clipboard*“ and „*Show more*“ for any type.

To be able to follow a link from QR Code quickly or lookup the just scanned text on google, QR Mode includes an In-App web browser. The QR Scanner Mode includes an history button, which lets you access all your previously scanned QR Codes again. It also detects the QR Code Type, and includes the same actions for it as the QR Scanner Mode itself.

For more information and more screenshots have a look at our website (it’s mobile friendly).

Supported languages: Arabic, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese and Turkish.

QR Mode is compatible with all iPhones and iPods running iOS 8.x

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- Now compatible with CameraModes by @PoomSmart (previous compatibility was "just" preventing it from crashing) - you can now change the location of the Scanner mode. Thanks to @PoomSmart for his cooperation :)

- Refactored a lot of code - switched over to our own library "Accura Tweaks Common", which provides a lot of code that is shared between multiple Accura Tweak Products, for example some of the cells we use in the in our preferences.

- Fixed a small bug in the preferences

- Added compatibility with CameraTweak3
- Added compatibility with CameraModes
- Fixed a bug that made it impossible to tap on pictures after scanning a QR Code
- Fixed date format in the QR Code history - now uses the date format of your region

- Reduced the amount of complains in our email inbox (hopefully!)
- Improved URL Detection in QR Codes
- Improved the languages Czech and Norwegian
- Redesigned QR Code History to show recently scanned QR Codes at the top at the list
- Redesigned Preferences to be more user friendly

New features
- Added option to open in browser by default instead of the in-app browser
- Added support for Cydia URL scheme - real world usage scenario coming soon :)
- Added new support system
- Added various goodies and Easter eggs - happy Easter!

- The authors of QR Mode still remain the same - we just got ourselves a fancy name, a website and twitter. If you'd like to stay informed about upcoming awesome new tweaks or updates, you can follow us at @AccuraTweak :)

Updated April 2, 2015
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