Compatible with iOS 12 and 13

Remove ThirdParty Calls like (WhatsApp, Messenger and etc...) from mobilephone recents page.

1) No ThirdParty Calls.
2) No VoiceMail.
3) Hide separator line.
4) System blue color as dials numbers background support dark and light mode.
Support A9 - A13!

Kill springboard from settings if tweak have n't work after install.

Configure options from Settings.


* Changes in this version 1.1.1,
- Alert deleted from settings page.
- Organize settings page.
- Fix StatusBar.
- Support features iOS.
- Added link for my other free tweaks.
- Added option to hide favourites.
- Merge ColorCodedLogs with iMobileFeatures.
- Configure options from Settings, no default setup.
- Consider to supporting our work by donation.
Thank you for using our tweak!
Updated August 3, 2020
License Free Package
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