Compatible with iOS 8 - 16

Respring Helper is a convenient tool which help you to respring SpringBoard on the jailbroken iPhone. It can also reload App Icons on the home screen when a tweak app is missed on the home screen. Tested on iOS8 ~ iOS13.5.

This app also has other helpful features:
- It shows the information of your iPhone include: WiFi Name, IP/Mac Address, UDID, Device Name, System Language, etc...
- Is lists all the apps on your iPhone, and the details of each app like Bundle ID, Bundle path, Data Path, etc...


- 显示设备的各类信息,包括:Wifi名称、IP/Mac地址、UDID、系统语言、设备名称等。
- 查看系统当前所有安装的Apps,并查看每个App的包ID、安装路径、数据路径等信息。


- Improve compatiblity.
Updated April 20, 2024
License Free Package
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