Requires Instagram app from the AppStore.
Compatible with iOS 8 to 12.

Rocket enriches Instagram client with loads of features! Starting from saving posts, reposting, checking if other users follow you and many more.

Feed Enhancements
- Download posts (Videos and Photos)
- Repost posts (Videos and Photos)
- Long press on posts to zoom
- Copy text captions from posts

- Save stories to Camera Roll
- View stories anonymously
- Manually mark stories as seen
- Mute and unmute video stories
- Upload from Camera Roll (Swipe up)
- Disable auto switch between stories
- Hide stories bar from feed

- Show if other users follow you
- Long press on profile image to zoom
- Show exact value of numerical stats

Direct Messages
- Disable read receipts
- Save messaged stories to Camera Roll
- Disable screenshot detection in stories

Spoofing (Local Only)
- Verify your profile
- Followers count
- Following count
- Uploads count

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- Added compatibility for Instagram v118.0
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Updated November 11, 2019
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