Enabled Safari iPad tab in iPhone!

Compatible: only iOS 12 and 13,

Make iPhone Safari tab like iPad easy and fast to use.

Support A9 - A13!

Configure options from Settings.

Please consider donation via paypal

Try my beta repo: https://hurouf.github.io/repo/


* Changes in this version 1.3.3
- Alert deleted from settings page,
- Organize settings page,
- Support features iOS,
- Added link for other tweaks,
- Added option for grid 3x3,
- We all know that iPhone screen much smaller then iPad screen but we try to get iPad Safari features in iPhone with less bugs so if you are annoyed with Grid switcher (top search bar and text) there is an option to disable it, stop asking me in Email to fix it cause iPhone screen is small.
- Install (Safari Plus) from BigBoss repo to get (+) in top or bottom bar, works great with (Safari Features).
- Consider to support our work by donate thank you.
Updated July 13, 2020
License Free Package
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