Supports iOS 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12

Safari is great mobile browser but it lacks some features. That's where Safari Plus comes into play.

Safari Plus features a lot of stuff, ranging from small usability improvements to extensive new features.
Additionally, it also adds several options to customize Safari to your liking.

Each feature can be toggled on or off on demand inside settings.

A full feature list can be found below.

• Force HTTPS (+ configurable exception sites)
• Locked Tabs - Adds a lock-switch to every tab inside the tab switcher that, when enabled, prevents the specific tab from being closed until the switch is disabled again
• Biometric Protection - Require TouchID / FaceID verification for switching browsing modes, locking tabs, unlocking tabs or accessing locked tabs

Uploads & Downloads:
• Upload Any File - An additonal option to the document sheet that can be used to upload any file on your root file system
• Download Manager - Extensive enhancements to the downloading functionality of Safari, check out the preference page for more detailed info

• Both Link Opening Options - Have the "Open in Background" option and the "Open in New Tab" option available alongside each other
• Open in Opposite Mode Option - Adds an option to open a long pressed URL in the respective other browsing mode
• Desktop Mode Switch - A switch inside tab switcher that can be used to toggle desktop mode on / off globally
• Tab Manager - An easy way to batch-export, batch-close and batch-add tabs
• Disable Tab Limit - Disables the default tab limit (varies between devices)
• Always Open Links in New Tab (+ Option to always open in background)
• Fully Disable Private Browsing
• Insert Suggestion on Long Press - Insert a search suggestion into the URL bar by long pressing it
• Suggestion Insert Button - Insert a search suggestion into the URL bar by pressing a button on the right of it (on iOS 12.1.4 and below)
• Show Tab Count - Shows the tab count on the button that opens the tab switcher
• Fullscreen Scrolling - Hide the top bar when scrolling down
• Lock Bars - Lock the top and buttom bar into place while scrolling
• Show Full Site URL - Always show the full URL in the top bar
• Suppress Mailto Dialog (on iOS 10 and above)

• Change Browsing Mode on App Start, App Resume, External Link Opened
• Auto Close Tabs on Minimazion or Close of Safari
• Auto-Clear Browser Data on Minimization or Close of Safari

• URL Bar Swipe Left, Right, Down Gestures
• Toolbar Swipe Left, Right, Up / Down Gestures
• Many available actions to trigger

• Color Settings for Top Toolbar, Bottom Toolbar and Tab Switcher for both normal and private browsing modes
• Change the button order of the Top and Bottom Toolbars
• Custom Start Site - Change the default favorites view when opening a new tab to a specified URL
• Custom Start Engine - Change the search engine of Safari to any URL
• Custom User Agent - Change the user agent for both mobile and desktop mode

Open source on Github


New Features (See depiction for more info):
• Locked Tabs
• Biometric Protection
• Tab Manager
• Suggestion Insert Button (on 12.1.4 and below as 12.2 already adds this feature natively)
• Show Tab Count
• Show Full Site URL
• Swipe Gestures for Toolbar
• Top Bar Reading Button Color
• Top Bar Tab Bar Close Button Color
• Tab Switcher Toolbar Background Color
• Toolbar Reordering Options
• Custom Start Site
• Custom User Agent (Mobile + Desktop)
• Option for large titles (on iOS 11 and above)

• 12.2 support
• Reorganized and simplified preferences, added killswitch
• Correct preference header aspect ratio on bigger devices
• Unsupported options will now automatically be hidden (based on the iOS version you're running)
• It is now possible to manage Force HTTPS exceptions from inside Safari by long pressing the reload button
• Reworked Force HTTPS Exceptions and Pinned Locations preferences (seperate plists no longer needed)
• "safaripluscolorprefs.plist" and "safariplusprefsOther.plist" are automatically merged into "safariplusprefs.plist" on the first launch of Safari or the Safari Plus preference bundle
• Many icons have been redone to look better
• Fixed downloads becoming stuck
• If a download fails due to a connection error, it now cancels and a "Download Error" notification shows (previously it would just become stuck)
• The UI for download cells has been fully rewritten, now supports dynamic type
• Preview actions for way more files inside file browser (text files, pdf, images, etc.)
• Better file icons
• Better directory icon (only on iOS 12 and above, 11 and below still use the old one)
• Added an option to auto save finished downloads to the media library
• Added an option to prevent downloads from being saved to the history if they're started from private browsing mode
• Added an option to have a progress bar under the downloads button inside the toolbar (inspired by iOS 13), enabled by default
• Added an plus button inside the top bar of the downloads list to start downloads manually from an URL
• The restart button on finished downloads has been improved to use the code related to manual downloading, it no longer opens the website and rather restarts the download directly now
• Now shows an alert when a download is attempted to be started under cellular data while the 'Only Download on Wifi' option is enabled
• The "copy link" action has been enabled on all downloads, previously it was only available on video downloads
• Reload animations inside the file browser and the downloads list are now way more smooth
• The show button on finished downloads will now only show if the file exists
• The show button on finished downloads has been improved to scroll to the file and highlight it inside it's directory
• Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the file browser to not refresh correctly
• Fixed a crash when multiple downloads end at the same time
• Fixed status bar notifications being too big on some devices
• Fixed a bug that could cause a video file to be randomly deleted under certain rare circumstances when tapped (let's hope this never actually happened outside of my testing environment?)
• Renamed 'Second 'Open in new Tab' option to 'Both Tab Open Actions' and changed it's behaviour accordingly
• Improved the animation for the "Open in opposite mode" option
• Improved desktop mode switch to behave more like the other buttons
• Improved desktop mode behaviour
• Fixed suppress mailto alert option for iOS 12 and above
• Color settings have been largely reworked and are now much less hacky
• Many more bug fixes and improvements, too many to list
Updated August 2, 2019
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