Compatible with iOS 11 and 12

ScreenSafe is a screensaver tweak that allows you to use custom videos as screensaver with many tweaking options and more to come.
Screensafe also has an always on functionality
(There is some burn in protection however iam not responsible for possible burn ins please use at your own risk)

You can:

• Enable / Disable the tweak
• Pick your video from you camera album (watch video)
• Change the loop (amount of times the video plays before locking)
• You can allow the screensaver to only play when your phone is authenticated ( face or touch id)
• you can scale a video to fit the screen
• enable low power mode while in screensaver mode

This is a paid package with a “pay what you want” idea
You can pay what you think the package is worth with a minimum of 1USD

Configure options from Settings.

watch this so see the functionality


Updated November 3, 2019
License Commercial Package
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