Compatible with iOS 9

iOS 9 added a new feature for developers, an in app browser that's basically an "external" Safari view. This allows apps to open a Safari window in-app, meaning your current logins and the ability to use keychain are retained. This is helpful in apps like Gmail, where clicking a link would otherwise require a login on the page again, or for the user to open it in Safari later).

This tweak adds this feature to some apps, the current list is:
• Gmail
• WhatsApp
• Twitter
• Alien Blue (in addition to SFSafariViewController,
SKStoreProductViewController is also added to this app, this helps with subreddit like /r/apphookup, where clicking an iTunes app link opens the store in app, alert view will be removed in a later update).

The ability to toggle this per-app will likely not be added.

No options to configure.

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* Fixed bug in Alien Blue where the arrow menu doesn't work.
Updated November 11, 2015
License Free Package
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