Compatible with iOS 9
Not compatible with iPad

The ultimate social share widget for your iPhone.

You can quickly write new post, take a picture or video, or choose it from your library, and then share it to your friends easily.

The following apps are supported:
- Facebook
- Find My Friends
- Instagram
- Notes
- QQ
- Sina Weibo(新浪微博)
- Skype
- Snapchat
- Tencent Weibo(騰訊微博)
- Twitter
- WeChat(微信)
- WhatsApp

The following system related functions are also available, which you can share photo/video, or even scan Barcode or QR code:
- Camera & Photos
- Facebook Composer
- Mail Composer
- Message Composer
- Sina Weibo Composer
- Tencent Weibo Composer
- Twitter Composer

In this version, you are allowed to set up at most 6 share buttons, each can be fully customized, with a press action and a long press action.

Currently only available in ControlCenter, more functions will be added in future updates.

Configure options from Settings.

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Add option to close Control Center automatically.
Beep after a successful code scan.
Updated November 30, 2015
License Free Package
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