Shortcutix - Customize shortcuts

Compatible with iOS 9

Apple introduced a brand new feature called 3D Touch. This feature brought to life another great feature called "Shortcuts". By default Apple is not giving you ability to customize Shortcuts. 3D Touch is available by default only in iPhone 6s/6s Plus, but this is not an issue, simply install a tweak called "Forcy" or "RevealMenu" to get Shortcuts on any device. Your wait is over...

Introducting Shortcutix! Customize every single part of Shortcut menu, this includes:
- Title color and font
- Subtitle color and font
- Icon color
- Background color
- Border color
- Blur style
- etc

Configure options from Settings.

See larger Screenshots below..

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- Added support for "Shortcuts" icon color
- Improved stability
Updated November 21, 2015
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.30
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