Compatible with iOS 9 to 14

A tweak auto start/close VPN for app list, support iOS9+, no ads.
You can select apps from "Setting"-"SmartVPN", when you open app of list, VPN will auto start connect. Of course you need config VPN before this.When you close all app of list,VPN will auto close.

首先需要在设置中配置好VPN。在打开特定应用时能够自动连接VPN,应用列表可以在“设置”-“SmartVPN”中选择。 当打开应用列表中的某个应用时,VPN自动开始连接;当列表中的所有应用都关闭时,会关闭VPN。

Configure options from Settings.


Add support for delay close
Updated March 23, 2024
License Free Package
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