Compatible with iOS 8 to 13

A tweak auto start/close VPN for app list, support iOS8/iOS9, no ads.
You can select apps from "Setting"-"SmartVPN", when you open app of list, VPN will auto start connect. Of course you need config VPN before this.When you close all app of list,VPN will auto close.

首先需要在设置中配置好VPN。在打开特定应用时能够自动连接VPN,应用列表可以在“设置”-“SmartVPN”中选择。 当打开应用列表中的某个应用时,VPN自动开始连接;当列表中的所有应用都关闭时,会关闭VPN。

Configure options from Settings.

If you like, you can support me through AliPay

如果你觉得好用,可以请我喝可乐,支付宝收款码地址:through AliPay


1.Support iOS 13.5
2.Add retry mechanism

The new version(1.2.8) only test in iPhone Xr (iOS 13.5).
If your mobile phone system is below iOS11, it is recommended to use the old version.

在iPhone Xr(iOS 13.5)上测试通过,如果无法使用,请卸载旧版本重新安装并检查依赖:applist, preferenceloader, ws.hbang.common
Updated June 8, 2020
License Free Package
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